The Old Jewish Cemetery of Vilkaviskis

The Old Jewish Cemetery of Vilkaviskis was used from the 16th Century till 1875 when due to constant flooding it was moved to its present site in Kapu Street.


A picture of a gravestone from the Old Jewish Cemetery. Sadly today it has been lost.

The area of the Old Jewish Cemetery produced by my friend Audrius Balanda showing the site – the map is from an aerial picture taken in 1944.

The site today . The large building is the Vilkaviskis Cultural Center – which was built in the 1950’s.

Finally [June 2022] the site has been recognised and registered as a Lithuanian Cultural Heritage site.

And yet more pictures of Jewish Vilkaviskis from the YIVO public archives

Man standing on the sidewalk by the doorway of a brick building, a wooden box under his arm. A shames sexton who collects money and candles for the synagogue 1937
People with horses and wagons buying firewood in a yard, circa 1935.

The gravestone of Rabbi Nisn Shapiro. Caption signed M. Pustapedsky, circa 1930

The gravestone of Rav Eliezer Landau head of the besdin local rabbinical court

More pictures from the YIVO public archives of Jewish Vilkaviskis

Five gravestones in the Jewish cemetery. Sent to the Jewish Historical-Ethnographic Society by Mordkhe Pustapedsky circa 1930.
Four homeless children pose on the street, circa 1920 The two on the left are Jewish the other two boys are non-Jews.
Group portrait of raggedly dressed men, women, and children in a waiting room, circa 1935
In front of the Moshav Zekenim old-age home people standing on the front stoop and sitting on wooden benches circa 1930
In the sunlight arbor of the Moshav Zekenim old-age home founded by Karkovsky-Rokeach, circa 1930

Pictures from YIVO archives #3

An old woman with a basket on her arm, walking across a room. Caption reads Carrying a slaughtered hen to sell 1936
Breatplates and Torah crowns from the Great Synagogue in Vilkaviskis
Cemetery especially for Jews from Vizhan [Wiżajny, Poland] who fled to Vilkovishk because of epidemics 160 years ago. 1936.
Children sit in a semicircle in a grassy clearing with trees in the recreation and health area at an OZE summer camp in Vilkovishk, 1929.

More new pictures of Jewish Vilkaviskis from the YIVO public archives

A woman sitting outdoors at a table with seven pushkes alms boxes sealed with padlocks circa 1935
A young boy poses standing next to a table laden with dishes and pots, circa 1935
A young child poses in the middle of a cobblestone street lined by wooden homes, circa 1935
About three dozen children and four adults standing in a clearing, caption reads recreation area of Vilkovishk OZE, summer 1930

New pictures about Jewish Vilkaviskis from the YIVO public archives

A carpenter at work in his workshop, circa 1935.
A Jewish house an elderly couple and three women pose with a goat in front of a wooden house.
A man walking along a sidewalk, hands in pockets wearing his helmet. The first firefighter, Berel, 80 years old, comes punctually to a fire and to a parade 1937
A mother and her seven children in the kitchen of their home, circa 1935